CHUMP CAGE KIT - $355.00


this kit specific to the CHUMP/LeMons rules and is built using 1 3/4" x .095 ERW tubing

you can upgrade the tubing to meet sanctioning by CASC check your rules carefully for all that you want to do with the car to ensure you get exactly what you will need to race wherever you want to race. You can call and discuss your needs with us and we will guide you to the appropriate choice.

  • 1 3/4" x .120 ERW tubing $430.00 per kit 
  • 1 3/4" x .095 DOM tubing $685.00 per kit

all cage kits are built specific to the body style you are using.

Mounting Plates are required for all Uni-body vehicles.

You can also use this kit in combination with the Oval Track Starter Kit to include belts, 1 piece of SFI Hi-density padding, window net & mounting kit and seat mounting kit - CHUMP starter kit starts at $572.00

please read all of the rules for your class before starting installation, and read the entire CSC Racing instruction book provided. If you have any questions, call before you start!
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Delivery in 6-10 days.
This product takes 5-10 business days in production